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Operational issues

Operational ineffectiveness is manifested by the inability to generate or satisfy demand, or to properly administer the business.

Operational inefficiency manifests itself through high costs.

Internal causes of operational problems include ineffective marketing and supply chain management, high costs, overtrading, poor post-acquisitions management, and big projects that went wrong.

External factors affecting the operational fortunes of the business include unfavourable changes in regulatory requirements, and unfavourable legal and political factors.

Unfavourable events such as the death or departure of key personnel, strikes, sabotage, fraud, natural disasters, IT disasters, or adverse legal judgments may also lead to an operational crisis.

Value chain

Value chain

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Our operational expertise

We analise, plan, implement and embed improvement in clients' value chain and support functions.

  • Value chain alignment with customer value proposition in accordance with the direction set by strategy
  • Fixing operations should align internal business processes with the customer value proposition

Programmes for improving cost, quality and cycle time in the value chain:

  • Primary value chain: demand generation and customer management processes - improved sales and marketing, and after-sales service;
  • Primary value chain: demand fulfillment and operations management processes - improved inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, and demand management;
  • Primary value chain: innovation management processes - product and process research and development;
  • Support functions: demand administration - improved procurement, IT, finance, HR, management and administration.
  • Rightsizing/downsizing.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • New technology introduction.

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