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Leadership consulting

Leadership challenges

The leadership team may not be sufficiently aligned to strategy whether strategic clarity exists or not.

The team may lack the ability to translate strategy into day-to-day activities, and to mobilise the organisation around goals.

Management processes such as systems of planning and control, information, performance management and reward may be lacking.

Our management assessment expertise

  • Evaluation of talent, style, preferences and patterns of behaviour by a registered psychologist.
  • Evaluation of both individuals and how the leadership team functions.
  • Appraising capabilities to effect change, and effectiveness as managers and teams.

Our leadership expertise

  • Establishing robust leadership to provide renewed energy, excitement, rigour, discipline, and urgency.
  • Alignment of top management around strategy.
  • Providing stakeholders with comfort that things will change and change according to plan.
  • Cascading the strategic agenda down the organisation.
  • Mobilising teams and individuals.
  • Management processes to plan, track and review performance against strategic and operational goals e.g. Balanced Scorecard.
  • Leadership development.
  • Leadership coaching.

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